From the outset, and its humble beginnings in 1968 as a denim brand, the French fashion label Sisley has aimed their exquisite collection of women's jackets, dresses, tops and other creations exclusively at the young; a fresh, vibrant brand that offered a revolutionary way of dressing in keeping with the avant-garde trends of Paris at the time. After becoming a part of the fashion giant Benetton in 1974, Sisley developed into a creative powerhouse of modern fashion design with a dedicated team that crafted the brand carefully as it grew, defining its audience and revamping its original gold and burgundy logo into the elegant but powerful black and white statement stamp it bears today. The aim of Sisley has never wavered from their original goal: to stay in tune with those fashion forward individuals always hungry for new and exciting trends! Their range of fashion as a result is broad; with smart to casual to sporty collections tending to all corners of your wardrobe, as well as a range of Sisley bags that lend themselves to be the perfect finishing touches to every outfit you create.

Sisley - it's a fashion lifestyle!

Sisley's innovative but understated design formula has earnt them success and recognition all over the world, renowned for well cut and high quality fashion that exudes international appeal. Cocktail dresses by Sisley will never fail to impress at an evening engagement, their sleek cuts singling you out as a confident woman who knows her fashion. That many of their creations proudly display the Sisley logo is a mark of a brand that is aware of its high class reputation and isn't afraid to flaunt it. With Sisley it is all about the detailing that goes into their products to make them unique, so why not browse the collection of Sisley on Fashion and get yourself a piece of this French phenomenon today? As well as beautiful women's fashion, we are also proud to stock a range of clothes for children, including shirts and tops for kids that will make sure your little ones are as well dressed as their parents! Sisley at Fashion Shop - French style at your fingertips!